Support the New TQS through AAC PD

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Ten New AAC Sessions!

AAC Facilitators are available to present these new sessions, or to prepare a custom session based on your specific needs. AAC sessions are based on the Alberta context and support the new professional standards for teachers and leaders.
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Who Cares about Formative Assessment?
Are you tired of hearing about formative assessment? Why are we still talking about it? Formative assessment is not just about an unweighted category in our mark book, but rather the fundamental way we organize our classrooms. Formative assessment can help guide teachers’ teaching and students’ learning.

Who cares about formative assessment? We all should!

Keep the Learning in Project-based Learning
Project-based learning can encourage creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It can also accommodate a variety of learning styles and strengths. However, if we’re not careful, project-based learning can become more about the project and less about the learning!

By focusing on learner outcomes and putting assessment front and centre, project-based learning can be an accurate and motivating way to meet curricular goals while actively engaging students. Keep the focus where it needs to be – on the learning.

Assessment that Really Can Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners
Our classrooms are filled with students who bring a wide variety of strengths and challenges, and teachers are constantly adapting instruction to better meet student needs. However, if we are to gather reliable evidence of learning, then we need to differentiate more than just our teaching. How can we effectively and fairly differentiate our assessment practices to support all students?

Assessment 911: Help! My digital reporting system is driving me crazy!
An online reporting system, often with an open portal for parents, can sometimes feel like the tail is wagging the dog of classroom assessment practice. The addition of an outcomes-based reporting framework can add another layer of complexity.

This session will provide opportunities for conversation designed to generate practical solutions for complex assessment challenges, regardless of the reporting format you are using. Turns out that you don’t have to sacrifice good formative assessment practices just because you have a digital reporting system!

Building Better Rubrics – How to Focus on the Learning that Really Matters
All rubrics are not created equal! A quality rubric can help teachers and students focus on what really matters. During this session, we’ll take a closer look at the characteristics of a great rubric, learn to avoid some common pitfalls, and introduce some AAC tools available to help you make effective rubrics for your classroom.

Bring some of your rubrics along to this session and begin to renovate them – to focus on the learning that really matters.

Assessing What’s Hard to Measure
We know not everything that counts is easy to measure. Given that we value the development of skills, attitudes and competencies in our students, we need to find effective ways to assess them. How will we assess the things that are hardest to measure?

Be prepared to think outside the bubble!

Assessment 101 – Building a Strong Foundation
Assessment has the power to encourage, inform, motivate and support our learners, or it can entrench negative feelings and anxiety within our students. How do we motivate our students to keep working and learning, and still ensure that they are meeting the appropriate grade level standards?

This session will explore how a focus on planning for effective formative and summative assessment is key to supporting student success. Participate as a group, and be prepared to have meaningful conversations about what matters most about assessment.

Extreme Assessment Makeover – Task Edition
Do you have an upcoming assignment that could use an assessment renovation? Our extreme assessment makeover will focus on the characteristics of an effective task, look at curriculum through an assessment lens, and consider possible renovations to make your task more memorable for your students – and more valuable for you as a source of evidence of student learning.

Getting Ready for a New Curriculum
While we’re waiting for the new curriculum, there are things we can do now to get ready. We know that competencies are not to be assessed separately from outcomes, so what do we do about them?

Consider how competencies are reflected in our current programs of study, and how we might design assessment to help our students develop these competencies now – no need to wait for a new curriculum!

Students as Partners in Assessment?
Do students really see themselves as partners in day-to-day classroom assessment, or do they see themselves as recipients of the assessment process?

Explore ways in which students can become active participants in classroom assessment, with a focus on understanding the learning destination and giving, receiving and using effective feedback. The results may surprise you!

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