Assessment Leadership – for Learning (New for 2017/18)

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The demands on a school leader can be daunting. Administrative responsibilities often leave little time or energy for instructional leadership.


But what if there was a way to consolidate and streamline your leadership responsibilities?


This 2-day AAC professional learning program addresses competencies and indicators from the forthcoming professional practice standards for teachers, school leaders and system leaders. Participants will engage in conversation while making practical connections to research-based principles of classroom assessment and leadership practice within the Alberta context.

Day 1
Essential Relationships among Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Formative Assessment – More than a Tool-kit

Day 2
Hot Topics and Burning Questions
Instructional Leadership: Supporting Individual Teachers and Leading a School Community


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Schedules and Locations: Updated Nov. 24 (register for Winter OR Spring Session)
 Exact locations will be provided at a later date.
Winter 2018 Session
Edmonton North Central Calgary East South
Jan. 29 Jan. 15 Jan. 18 Jan. 23 Jan. 12 Jan. 26
Mar. 7 Feb. 5 Feb. 28 Mar. 8 Feb. 12 Feb. 26
Spring 2018 Session
Edmonton North Central Calgary East South
Mar. 13 Apr. 12 Mar. 5 Mar. 20 May 4 Mar. 15
Apr. 9 May 24 May 1 Apr. 26 May 15 Apr. 23