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AAC provides research-based responses to current assessment topics of interest to system and school leaders, as well as teachers and parents.

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Public Assurance Discussion Paper

A New Look at Public Assurance: Imagining the Possibilities for Alberta Students
The AAC discussion paper provides thoughtful ideas.


Communicating about Student Learning

View videos and print material that showcase promising reporting practices within Alberta schools and jurisdictions.


Fair Assessment

Principles for Fair Student Assessment Practices for Education in Canada
A set of principles and related guidelines generally accepted by educational organizations within Canada.


No-Zero Policies

The issue around no-zero policies recently dominated the media in Alberta as well as nationally. View practical resources to support conversations on this topic.


Group Work

How can we support effective group work without the use of group grades? Practical resources to support conversations on this topic are coming soon...


Peer & Self Assessment

Grading: Whose job is it?
This AAC document clarifies the role of peers in providing feedback to support learning and the professional role of teachers within the assessment process.


High School Completion

What impact might quality classroom assessment have on high school completion? Read AAC's thoughts on this topic.


Of Interest to Parents

Classroom assessment is changing!
View a short AAC article published in the ATA Magazine that provides context for conversations around changing classroom assessment practices.

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